Sunday, November 17, 2019

Executive Chef

If churning up mouthwatering dishes is your forte, it’s possible to get this coveted and highest paying job in India as executive chef.

By any standards, an executive chef is one of the most prestigious jobs too. Usually, executive chefs work for topmost hotels and resorts or niche restaurants.

Monthly pay for the executive chef in India varies between Rs.500,000 to Rs.2 million. It depends on your skills, experience and hotel chain or restaurant where you’ll work.

Other than creating delectable dishes from various cuisines of the world, an executive chef is also expected to function as a nutritionist. They have to know the nutritional value of the food or dishes they’re cooking for guests.

Often, executive chefs become celebrity chefs such as Sanjeev Kapoor and host TV shows. In such cases, your income is unlimited. However, executive chefs start as dishwashers and move on to kitchen porters.

Later, they work as a commis chef, chef-de-partie and sous chef before graduating as executive chef. That’s because they’re required to know every function at a hotel or resort kitchen.

Educational Qualifications: Bachelor of Culinary Arts from any very reputable college such as government-run Institute of Hotel Management or foreign institutes.

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