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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Drilling Engineer

It’s quite likely you haven’t heard about this job known as Drilling Engineer before. Quite understandable. Drilling engineer is a very specialized profession that requires equally specialized qualifications.

To explain a bit. Drilling engineers work on oil rigs and create oil wells for mining crude oil. Since most oil rigs are offshore, either on high seas or rivers as well as in remote areas, the job can be pretty taxing.

The Indian government and its various companies such as Oil India Ltd are among the topmost recruiters of drilling engineers. Private oil and natural gas exploration companies that are flourishing nowadays also hire drilling engineers.

Median monthly pay of a drilling engineer is about Rs.2,50,000. The amount can vary depending upon the employer and location of posting.

To work as a drilling engineer, you’ll require a Bachelor of Technology or Master of Technology degree in Petroleum Engineering.

This in itself is a very specialized field. Only Indian Institute of Technology and few other state-owned universities offer Petroleum Engineering courses in India.

Educational Qualifications: B-Tech or M-Tech in Petroleum Engineering from IIT or any reputed university.

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